One frame – three products

Vaggaro consists of a patented foldable frame with three different seating modules; a cradle for the baby’s first months, a bouncer and a high chair. Adjustable height and quick folding technology allows you to use your furniture wherever you are. Vaggaro simplifies life for parents – while the little ones have a safe and comfortable baby furniture to feel at home in, no matter where it stands.

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Vaggaro Cradle is a snug and soft cradle in fabric in which your newborn baby will be resting safely and comfortable the first months of life.

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In Vaggaro’s ergonomic Bouncer your baby can sit and swing comfortably both on  floor level and the height of a sofa or dining table, depending on what the  family is doing.

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Vaggaro Stol

In Vaggaro high chair your baby sits safely and comfortably at the dining table. With its unique quick-fold mechanism, it can easily be packed into a bag when the family is going out.

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